We are specialized in Visual Fox Pro Conversion Projects.

Any VFP project can be migrated to the latest technologies

Our FoxPro programmers have used FoxPro with other databases in complicated situations. In some cases FoxPro is linked to External data sources MySQL, SQL Server, postgre In other cases FoxPro has served as a back-end database accessible to .NET and ASP applications over ODBC. Our FoxPro developers have good experience in migrating FoxPro applications to Dot net, Java, PHP .Our FoxPro consultants have strong experience in delivering single-user FoxPro desktop and multi-user FoxPro client-server database applications. We have gathered truly strong expertise with different technologies in the course of delivering FoxPro projects.


Analysis Process

  • Review existing foxpro app for resource , planning process, existing issues and work flow of the product.
  • Current end user need & requirements analysis.
  • Application technical , Architectural & Performance requirements analysis.
  • Application features that need to be equivalent on target platform
  • Resources required and availability analysis
  • Applications that support business functionality process analysis

Migration Process

  • Application infrastructure that supports the applications, such as web servers, application servers, middleware and database technology database environment, direct storage, formatted les, web services..etc
  • (Web technologies : ASP, PHP & HTML)
  • (Desktop technologies : (C# & VB#))
  • (Databases technologies) : Oracle, Postgres, MySql and SQL-Serve etc.

Transition Process

  • Existing client processes are reviewed by the transition team with the help of the client.
  • Prepare a roadmap for implementation and training including activities which be carried out in-house and out-house Details acquired rules & responsibilities defined.
  • Process implementation with risk documented and contingency plan prepared.
  • Transition process incorporated with quality parameters.
  • Knowledge is transferred to support enhanced capabilities Functionality of product with demo.

Support Process

  • Any technical and functional issue, send an email to
  • Required technology app with documentation.
  • User manual/guide.
  • Online support.
  • Physical support (if required).